Are you staying Mentally Fit?


Are you 45 or older? Do you want to stay mentally fit? The Technology for Ageing Gracefully Lab at the University of Toronto is looking for participants aged 45+ who:

– Are healthy and have normal or corrected to• normal vision
– Are familiar with computers
– Have access to the Internet
– Suffer from no cognitive impairments

The Study:
There are many products out there claiming that they can help delay the decline in memory and other mental functions that comes with age. But how useful are they really? We are testing a new way to evaluate these products over the Internet.

Your Role:
You will be asked to play some online games for ten 45-minute sessions in the comfort of your own home within a one-month period. We will then test to see if those games had a positive impact on your mental fitness.

Your Reward:
In addition to contributing to our understanding of mental fitness and playing some fun online games, you have a chance to help others in a more direct way: we will donate 3$ to the charity of your choice for every session you complete.

Interested? Contact:
[email protected]