TO2 Hits Ground Running

60 is the new 40!

70, you’re just entering your best years!

50, you’re still wet behind the ears!

80’s? Show us how it’s done!

We are looking for ALL OF YOU to help start up the newest CARP Chapter – TO2 (Downtown Toronto Chapter # 02).

If you have some free-time to spare and want to be part of an exciting new volunteer team, contact us and let us know how you can fit in.

We are looking at doing events and exploring our city as we build our community. We’re urban zoomers – some professionals, some still working, some retired others looking for reinvention – and will be having our “get –togethers” in movie theatres, at Roy Thomson Hall, Sony Centre and maybe even at the Toronto Zoo …..FUN is the name of OUR game.

We are looking for:

* Treasurer- CA or financial career.

* Board members – Some board experience – nor for profit, charity or corporate.

* Communications Committee– writer, knowledgeable about newsletters, brochures, creating and updating web-site, social media fiend, chatting on-line etc.

* Event Committee– meeting planner type- years of organizing events and finding Sponsors!

*Membership Recruitment– someone who is plugged in everywhere and knows everyone- whose networks have networks if you know what I mean…

* Education Committee– Professors, teachers- a couple different age groups- technical savy – lot’s of education happening on-line these days as well as in social groups we may need to do both kinds of education.

* Volunteer Committee– we are going to need to plug into CARP National Office’s events, and have our people there to sign up new members so that our Chapter(TO2) will generate some royalties, also for all trade fairs, book fairs, health fairs taking place in TO.

If any of these positions “have your name on them” contact us immediately! Looking forward to having you “on board….”

Adina Lebo
Founding/Interim Chair

[email protected]