Political Preference Report

March 22, 2011



The Liberals and Conservatives are tied for party preference among members for the first time since the prorogation affair of January 2010, members are very disappointed in the government for their recent ethical failings, and the proportion of CARP members wanting a spring election has increased significantly in the past month.

Members overwhelmingly agree recent rulings against the government make them less likely to support them in the next election, and fully one half describe the government’s disregard for these rulings as unacceptable contempt for democracy and Canadians. Just one quarter see them as minor matters.

One half our members think the opposition parties will vote against the budget, and about one third are glad they will.

A similar one third think Canada needs a spring election, but more than half expect us to have one. The proportion believing Canada needs an election has grown from one quarter to one third in the last month.

The Conservatives have declined precipitously in voter preference over the last month, and are now tied with the Liberals within the margin of error. When members’ second choice parties are taken into account, the Conservatives are at a distinct disadvantage.

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