Conservative minister accused of ageism

Originally published by Macleans on March 29th, 2011. To go to the Macleans website please click here

Conservative minister Shelly Glover has drawn the ire of CARP, Canada’s seniors advocacy organization, after saying 68-year-old Liberal MP Anita Neville is “passed her expiry date.” In an interview with Global News on Monday, Glover said that Neville’s riding of Winnipeg South Centre, which she has represented since 2000, was in need of “some fresh blood, we need some new people who have some new ideas and who are willing to stand up for their constituents.” Glover then made the comment about the Liberal MP being passed her expiration date. In an official statement made by CARP vice-president Susan Eng, the organization asked Glover to retract her statement and apologize to her and Neville’s constituents. On Tuesday morning, Glover issued statement on the controversy, saying she was not referring to Neville’s age, merely her time as an MP, and criticizing Neville for voting against the Guaranteed Income Supplement, which she said benefits seniors directly.

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