CARP Chapters Catch Election Fever: Belleville, Brighton and Quincy West

CARP Chapters are playing a key role in the federal election. During this short election campaign they have demonstrated the potential of our networks and partnerships! On April 13th 2011, CARP National held a debate that was webcast and televised across the country. During the following couple of weeks several chapters held their own events and raised CARP advocacy priorities with their local candidates.

With the National office team keeping in touch with the major media outlets, the chapters facilitate a powerful communication from constituent to elected official or candidate. More local representation for our issues means a much more powerful message is sent to your members of parliament. It also makes politicians aware that they will be held accountable for their actions by their local constituents. It’s enough to make almost anybody behave (even a politician)!

Here’s what some of our chapters have been up to in this election campaign: Congratulations to the Belleville/Brighton/Quincy West, Edmonton, Whiterock/Surrey, Ajax/Pickering and Windsor Chapters.

Belleville, Brighton and Quincy West

Belleville, Brighton, Quinte West (CARP 39) covers two federal ridings, which is why they held two all-candiates meetings last week. Both debates were modeled on the National debate’s format (click here to see questions and debate format). The first debate took place on the evening of April 19th at Trenton high School where the candidates for Nothumberland Quinte had a chance to debate. The second debate was held at Loyalist College on April 20th for the candidates from Hastings Prince Edward County.

We want to congratulate Chapter Chair Ken Prue and Vice-Chair/moderator Mary Robertson for all of their work in organizing two great, engaging and well-attended events! Each of the candidates were given an opportunity to share their vision and electoral platform at the beginning of the evening but later on, two candidates objected to being placed in the hot seat when presented with “rapid fire” questions they were required to answer directly and succinctly.

The debates were a great success, they informed and engaged CARP members in attendance and even inspired them: “The whole exercise was quite galvanizing for our chapter. Our committee Chairs and members participated enthusiastically and seemed to find the fact that we staged these meetings very meaningful. One of our team wrote ‘I was proud to be a member of CARP 39.” Said Ken Prue.

Success in this venture has CARP 39 eyeing a continuing education program. We are sure they will just as successful in this enterprise. They can certainly count on the continued support of the National office.

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