CARP Chapters Catch Election Fever: Electoral Issues Were the Talk of the Windsor Chapter AGM

CARP Chapters are playing a key role in the federal election. During this short election campaign they have demonstrated the potential of our networks and partnerships! On April 13th 2011, CARP National held a debate that was webcast and televised across the country. During the following couple of weeks several chapters held their own events and raised CARP advocacy priorities with their local candidates. With the National office team keeping in touch with the major media outlets, the chapters facilitate a powerful communication from constituent to elected official or candidate. More local representation for our issues means a much more powerful message is sent to your members of parliament. It also makes politicians aware that they will be held accountable for their actions by their local constituents. It’s enough to make almost anybody behave (even a politician)! Here’s what some of our chapters have been up to in this election campaign: Congratulations to the Belleville/Brighton/Quincy West, Edmonton, Whiterock/Surrey, Ajax/Pickering and Windsor Chapters.

Electoral Issues Were the Talk of the Windsor Chapter AGM

CARP National’s Ross Mayot boarded the inaugural Porter flight to Windsor in order to attend the Windsor Chapter AGM on April 27th. Ross Mayot reported that he was pleased that Larry Dunffield had been re-elected as chairman of the board and with the election of a number of enthusiastic new directors who have great plans for the chapter.”

Ross addressed the crowd and there was great enthusiasm for the work that CARP Advocacy has been doing in partnership with the chapters during the election. The consensus was that several milestones and had been achieved in the areas of pension reform, elder abuse and caregiving. The mention of these things in all of the major parties’ policy platforms is evidence a major breakthrough for CARP. Now that older voters’ clout is finally being given the respect it deserves, the possibilities are endless.

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