The Complete Streets Forum Transportation Policy Conference

May 13th 2011: The Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation is thrilled to announce that the 2011 Complete Streets Forum, their fourth annual active transportation policy conference, was a resounding success!

Despite an uncertain political climate and a very rainy start to the day, over 200 engaged delegates from communities around and outside the Toronto region came together to learn, share, and connect with leading active transportation experts. It was a diverse crowd, with about half representing the public sector, and approximately 20% each from the private and non-profit realms. What’s more telling, perhaps, is that 1 in 5 came from beyond the Greater Toronto Area to join this important conversation.

Our keynote speakers gave us an inspiring and insightful look into the struggles and success stories of cycling, walking, and transit-friendly cities from around the world. Mia Birk told the tale of how Portland, Oregon shook off its car-dependent roots and transformed the city into what it is today. Roelof Wittink from the Netherlands shared his approach to marketing a cycling culture drawn from his vast experience in international advocacy, and Michel Labrecque from Montreal, Quebec brought his unique perspective as the Chair of Montreal’s transit authority to showcase what he has coined the “Transportation Cocktail”. In a fantastic complement to the conference, senior city staff led workshops the next day that gave delegates a first-hand look at a downtown main street revitalization in Kitchener, Ontario as well as walking and cycling tours of recent public space and infrastructure developments in downtown Toronto.

For those who couldn’t make it, we are continuing to update our website with photos, video, and speaker presentations from the event. Mainstream media as well as urban-minded blogs have picked up our story, and can be viewed here

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