CARP Sponsored Meeting a Great Success !!!!!

Wayne Harrigan

CARP Moncton organized a meeting held on April 30th., with the theme “Why it is great to be a senior in Moncton”. This meeting, held at the Moncton Lion’s Seniors Centre, had an exceptional turnout which resulted in standing room only for the event.

This meeting was organized by Wayne and Barb Harrigan, with the support of a core group of CARP members. The meeting was skilfully chaired by Wayne who used this opportunity to discuss CARP and their vision and the value of the Zoomer magazine to CARP members. Another presentation focused on the many activities and Organizations that support the life of Seniors in the Greater Moncton Area.

Community support groups and organizations were invited to set up information kiosks to display their promotional items and to make attendees aware of the many wonderful services that are available in this area. In addition, this was a great opportunity to advance the activities of CARP, solicit new members and promote the “New Vision of Aging in Canada”.

A presentation was made, to the group by the Honourable Sue Stultz, member of the Provincial Legislature for Moncton West, who became the Provincial Minister responsible for Seniors following the September 2010 Election. Minister Stultz indicated that she was still “getting her feet wet” and admitted she was familiarizing herself with the different files in her portfolio.

Many at the meeting were concerned about the announcement, two days prior to this meeting, regarding increased fees for Nursing homes. Minister Stultz did not allow time for a question and answer period following her presentation. This was most unfortunate as it would have given this group an opportunity to question this decision and others being made in isolation.

Our growing senior’s community have a voice and will question any decisions that negatively impact our members. We are expecting our voice to be heard and our concerns to be addressed to our satisfaction.