Jack Mar and new Minister of State for Seniors Alice Wong

A worthwhile day in Richmond…..Board members Denice Thompson and Chair, Jack Mar were delighted to “get the CARP message out” to roughly 250 attendees tat the Richmond Wellness Fair on May 28th, handing out approximately 150 brochures, Zoomer magazines and numerous CARP pens (plus a few positive membership sales). The bonus was the visit by Minister of State for Seniors – Alice Wong. She immediately remembered meeting Jack at the recent Activate! Wellness Show in Richmond (she was not yet a cabinet minister at that time).

She spoke with sincerity of her interest working with seniors in Richmond, and now with all of Canada. She told Jack her first priority meeting will be with Susan Eng, CARP’s Vice President of Advocacy. Jack indicated she would not find anyone more knowledgeable on senior issues than Susan…and the Minister agreed. The possibility of her addressing a Chapter 11 event in the Fall was discussed and she graciously accepted.

Jack also seized the opportunity to make Minister Wong an Honorary Member of Carp Chapter 11, giving her a CARP pin which she promptly put on with pride as well as the latest copy of Zoomer magazine.

The Chapter 11 Board looks forward to working collaboratively with our new Minister of State for Seniors…a newly minted Zoomer!