CARP Post Election Poll Report

May 30 2011

Key Findings

Members are evenly split on whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with the results of the federal election, but majorities agree a Conservative majority government will be good for Canada and that the NDP will make an effective opposition. Members disagree that the Liberals and NDP should explore a merger.

While members approve of the focus given issues of interest to older Canadians in the Conservative budget and platform, they insist it is important for the government to enhance these program offerings to at least the level offered by the opposition parties during the campaign.

Members are in complete agreement with stiffer sentencing for elder abuse, but are less sure about an end to mandatory retirement.

The majority of members agree the election focused on issues of interest to older Canadians to “some extent”, and this was because they, as CARP members, had “some effect” on the issues discussed.

In upcoming provincial elections, the top three issues on members’ minds are budget deficits, electricity prices and HST.

The Conservatives have increased significantly in voter preference since the election, the NDP have declined slightly, and the Liberals have continued their precipitous tumble in our poll.

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Keywords: elder, abuse, election, budget