Dr. Mailis Goes to Greece with the PM

A couple of weeks ago I received an unexpected phone call from the Prime Minister’s office. Steven Harper intended to visit Greece (where I was born) after his G8/20 trip to France and wanted a very small delegation of prominent Greek Canadians to accompany him. I was terribly surprised and deeply honoured. I was told I would be in the company of the Archbishop of Canada for the Greek Orthodox Church, the presidents of AHEPA, the Hellenic Congress and the Greek Canadian Community of Montreal, a professor from British Columbia and a Greek Canadian MP. The trip proved to be exciting and filled me with awe and wonder as most of the encounters we had were unique. We accompanied the Prime Minister to the Greek Parliament, the Greek Prime Minister’s mansion, the Acropolis (which of course I have seen many times), the Moni of Agia Lavra in Calavryta (where the fighters of the Greek Revolution against the 400 years of occupancy by the Otoman Empire were sworn on March 17, 1821) and the wreath-laying ceremony in the little town of Calavryta where the Nazis executed all 1300 male residents that over 14 on December 13, 1943.

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Angela Mailis Gagnon, MD, MSc, FRCPC(PhysMed)
Director, Comprehensive Pain Program,
Senior Investigator, Krembil Neuroscience Centre
Toronto Western Hospital,
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