McGuinty Government Making Life Easier For Ontario Families

Editor’s Note: CARP was asked to comment on the release of this Government of Ontario news release which was picked up by the following news outlets: The Canadian Press, CTV News, Global News, The Algoma News, The Wawa News, Brock News, Sault Today, Soo Today, and The Northumberland View

Ontario is introducing a new photo identification card that will make it easier for people who do not have a driver’s licence to travel, open a bank account, and perform any other activities that require official ID.

The new, secure card will be recognized as government-issued identification for Ontarians 16 and over who do not drive.

Ontarians will be able to apply for the photo card at about 20 selected ServiceOntario centres across the province by the end of July, and at all 300 locations by 2012.

Ontarians with disabilities, seniors and other advocacy groups provided input on the design and availability of the card.

Through the Open Ontario plan, the government continues to help make it easier for families to access government services, while creating jobs and economic opportunities in Ontario.

“CARP members will welcome the new photo ID card. It will help them access services and protect their identity. Needing government issued ID for bank accounts and other services is a frequent complaint from our members and they will be thrilled with this announcement.”
– Susan Eng?Vice President, Advocacy, CARP

“Our government is delivering on our commitment to offer a photo card for Ontarians to help make life easier for the many who do not or choose not to have a driver’s licence but who still need government-issued identification. I’m pleased we are moving forward on this important initiative.”
– Kathleen Wynne?Minister of Transportation

“CNIB applauds the Government of Ontario for introducing this much-needed photo identification card. This card will benefit many citizens who do not drive, including nearly 380,000 blind or partially sighted people living in Ontario.”

– Paul Ting?Executive Director, Canadian National Institute for the Blind Ontario

“Anyone can open a bank account as long as they have the appropriate government-issued identification. With the new Ontario photo identification card, more Ontarians will now have the identification they need to open a bank account and access banking services.”

– Terry Campbell?President and CEO, Canadian Bankers Association


The photo card will cost $35 and is valid for five years.
Approximately 1.5 million Ontarians aged 16 years and over do not have a valid driver’s licence. Ontario joins eight other provinces that offer a government-issued photo ID card.
The Ontario photo card mirrors the same security features as the driver’s licence to help prevent fraud and identity theft.

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