Ajax Pickering Chapter #20… Where Have We Been?

The Ajax Pickering chapter is “alive and well” and is moving forward! We had a tremendous start at our April 23 meeting and collected great input from over 100 members as to what we should focus on. As well, we had over 35 people volunteer to be part of committees to begin to put some structure and “meat on the bones” for our community.

The suggested committees are aligned with the CARP A-B-C structure and are as follows:

• Advocacy: Focused on developing a community input on health care, pensions, retirement and social issues…the team could suggest or run small community information sessions or provide content for major CARP meetings as well as in-putting to all levels of government (Randy Filinski to facilitate). • Benefits: Focused on developing local business and social contacts that can be mutually beneficial to the community and to CARP members (Steve Campbell to facilitate) • Community: Focused on developing a plan to educate and inform the community of key activities around areas of interest to CARP members…the team could participate in or run small community information sessions on topics from advocacy topics to social interests (Jan Filinski to facilitate) •Communications/IT: Focused on creating the infrastructure and documenting a plan to communicate to CARP members and the community at large and manage the content of the communications (Terry Bruce/Randy Filinski to facilitate) •Membership: Focused on developing plans, along with the other committees, to retain and develop new CARP members (Keith Ward to facilitate)

These committees are meeting over the summer and are already establishing actions for our community. Our intent is to have a large open forum open to all members in the fall (early October) where we will provide guest speakers from our community. In addition, we are vigorously working on a web site that we can use to communicate with you on a regular basis that will provide information on; • Why and how to join CARP chapter 20 • Local news and activities for CARP members • Local events that you may want to participate in • A listing of upcoming meetings both for the general membership and the committees • A linkage page to key resources in the community (libraries, seniors homes, service clubs, municipal offices) • A Benefit page that highlights local and national businesses that support CARP and its members • A blog or forum where you can input your thoughts on various topics for discussion with other members

What would we like you to do?

• Dialogue with us via email, phone or in person with your thoughts on a local chapter or to express interest in joining one of our committees! • Bookmark our website once it is fully functional and visit it regularly look in for information • Spread the word to friends and family and encourage them to sign up and become a CARP member. • Remember to clearly indicate on your application “Chapter 20” code when you renew or when you recruit new members as we receive a royalty to keep us afloat for each transaction! Have a great summer!!!!!

Article By: Randy Filinski
Co-Chair Ajax-Pickering CARP #20 E-mail : [email protected]