Falls Prevention

Article posted July 2011

The Gerontology Research Centre at Simon Fraser University has issued a special edition of their newsletter on Falls Prevention Research. According to Dr. Andrew Sixsmith, Director, SFU Gerontology Research Centre, falls are a major cause of injury among seniors and can have a devastating effect on their mobility and independence. Falls account for 86% of all injury-related hospitalizations. To see an outline of some of the research into Falls Prevention underway at the Gerontology Research Centre please CLICK HERE.

On page 10 of this report is a reference to the recent publication of ” Safety Superheroes – Preventing Grandparents from Falling”. This book provides lots of safety tips for children to help make their grandparents homes safer to prevent falls.

Highlights quoted from the Super Heroes website are as follows:

Each year, thousands of seniors are taken to hospitals because of injuries sustained during a simple fall.

Falls are often due to home hazards that are easy to overlook, but also easy to fix.

The Safety Superheroes are here to help kids and families learn how to keep their grandparents and loved ones safe from falls.

With a fun story, lively illustrations and loads of safety tips, this book is a great resource for encouraging and teaching about intergenerational falls prevention.

To go to the Super Heroes website please CLICK HERE