CARP PEI September 2011 Newsletter

Dear CARP PEI Members! Is it as hard for you to believe as it is for me? Fall is just around the corner, school is back in session, and the leaves will soon be in their majestic colourful clothing.

Summer is always a busy time for Islanders with travel, family and guests visiting from afar.
Many thanks to Board member Craig Mackie and CARP PEI member, Sharon Cregier joined me for our luncheon at Geneva Villa with Federal Seniors’ Minister Alice Wong and her two assistants. Also joining us was our Provincial Seniors’ Minister Janice Sherry. We were thrilled to be written up in the Guardian with photos. Diane McQuaid, owner of Geneva Villa, together with her staff, were gracious and friendly hosts who provided us with a delectable 3-course meal in a relaxing atmosphere. Several residents of Geneva Villa joined us afterwards for questions with the Ministers along with a reporter and photographer from the Guardian.

Before we know it we will be electing a new Provincial government. We invite you to consider hosting an informal coffee, tea and cookies (bought or homemade) in your home to meet with candidates running for election and with a group of friends and neighbours sometime during September. We are so spread out on this fair isle that we need your help. Informal groups are fun and questions can be asked of the candidate(s) from your point of view and you can raise concerns affecting seniors. Our board is committed to assist. I appreciate that some of you have already committed to a time in your home and we thank you so very much. We are so fortunate here in PEI to have many services available to us, but more support is always needed as we continue to age in our life’s journey. September is the time to ask our candidates how they plan to support our needs: – with more affordable housing for lower income seniors – with reduced land & income taxes for seniors – a few provinces already have this in effect – how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from elder abuse

I know that you have many more concerns and questions. Doing this will help us make wise election choices. Get-togethers also make CARP PEI more visible. On behalf of the board, we thank you for your assistance in this.

Thank you to those who have already offered to provide some entertainment for our AGM November 9th at the Culinary Institute. If you are a visual arts creator and would like to display some of your pieces please let us know. It is a fact that we Island seniors are a talented group! We would love to hear from you! We realize that many of you do not drive and getting to our AGM may be difficult for you. There are options like car pooling. I would love to see a CARP bus available. Let me know in the next week and a half if this is of interest to you. The more people willing to pay a small fee to come may make this a feasible option. Working together will truly make a difference for us – the Island seniors. And, you will get to know more fabulous people Island wide! Get ready to party! The Annual General Meeting for CARP takes place the last week of October in Toronto.

Representing CARP PEI will be Casey McGannon, our present Vice Chairperson of CARP PEI. I know that you will want to hear her fabulous report at our November 9th AGM. Mark your calendar and invite others to join you. It has been a pleasure to represent you, the membership, since our own AGM last November. I have shared much about CARP to many everywhere I have travelled, both here and in other provinces. I want to thank you for the support you have given me. I also appreciate your questions and comments after reading my newsletters. Our Chapter 21 IS making a difference here in PEI.

More people know about us. Help us keep the momentum going by volunteering for 1 – 4 hours a month or less. You will probably have more fun than you think! Did you know that laughter is the best medicine???

When Seniors’ Minister Alice Wong was here she told us that within a few years, seniors will make up one third of the population compared to one quarter in other provinces. We have a B-I-G mission ahead of us to build our CARP membership to 1,000 or more this year which will provide greater advocacy for Seniors at all levels of government here!

Are you proud to be a member? Wear your CARP pin with pride and know that you are helping to make a difference. Have you noticed that it seems sometimes that the older we get the more personal and health issues confront us?

After great thought and two challenging years I am resigning my position as Chairperson of CARP PEI as of September 15th following my final Board meeting here in Summerside. I am moving back nearer my daughters, Tanya & Laura, their spouses, Luis & Domenic, and my precious grandchildren, Chelsea & Rowan in Southern Ontario. I feel that our paths will cross again as I have been coming here for more than 40 years and now truly love this gentle island as my own. I plan to return yearly while I can. I know that CARP PEI has excellent leadership with Casey McGannon for the remainder of my term. The board I leave, Craig Mackie(Past Chair), Bill Prowse (Secretary), Michael Farmer (Treasurer), Fay Oatway (Zoomer magazines), Linda Schneider & Dorothy Doyle (Phoning Committee), Anita Mercier (Membership), will support Casey as they have supported me. Best wishes for a fabulous fall and may your years ahead be filled with healthy living, laughter and love. Sincerely, Barbara Barbara Sinden Outgoing Chair CARP PEI [email protected] 902 436 3459 Invite others to join in September! Check out our Specials! You can apply online at – be sure to include Chapter 21 so that our Chapter receives its royalties…

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