Senior Citizen Viral Video Will Make You Smile

Woman Kissing Man

Woman Kissing Man
The latest internet sensation is usually a baby, a twenty-something year-old person with a lot of time on their hands or a cat but now – the residents of a retirement community in Grand Rapids Michigan have teamed up with production students to create the first all-seniors lip dub video. A lip dub video is a viral internet video trend that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video but wait – this is where it gets interesting – there is a certain level of difficulty involved because it must involve a group of people and it must be taped in only one take

The trend started as a teambuilding exercise and a way for smaller companies to showcase their staff and the promote themselves in the process. It became extremely popular with tech companies mostly employing scores of 20 somethings as well as groups of students. This fun exercise actually requires quite a bit of choreographing and planning – if a lip dub video is popular, it can also get quite a lot of attention.

Now – the seniors of Clark Retirement Community have created the FIRST all seniors lip dub to Michael Bublé’s “I’m Feeling Good”. Since posting the video on July 12th just a month ago, they have already received over one million hits. The lip dubbing stars have also been interviewed by media all over the U.S. and have even appeared on good morning America.

Michael Bublé has seen the video and says he loves it and thinks it is “so cute”. Apparently, the video took three weeks to plan and organize. The efforts appeared to have paid off since apparently now everyone wants to live at Clark Retirement Community, one commenter wrote “I’m 15 and even I want to live there!”

This is a must-watch; we challenge you not to smile while watching. Just try! (Video below)