Mike Schreiner Pre-Election Letter to CARP

9 September 2011

Dear CARP members,

I joined the Green Party of Ontario to be part of a fresh new approach to politics that values good ideas over attack ads. We face some critical issues today, including rising energy prices, economic uncertainty, and the sustainability of our healthcare system. Only the Green Party has the courage and conviction to tackle these issues in a way that ensures prosperity for us today, and for our children and grandchildren.

The Green energy plan focuses on true relief for rising energy prices by improving our energy efficiency, eliminating waste in the system, and harnessing new sources of energy to power our communities and our economy. Our plan will provide tools to help home owners save money by saving energy and offers $100 million per year in refundable tax credits to assist seniors, low income residents, and individuals living in rural areas to help offset the cost of higher utility bills.

Our economic plan is sensible and responsible. I will champion the idea that for success in the 21st century, we need smart policies that are responsible to our environment and our finances – the success of one depends on the other, and we cannot continue to borrow today on the backs of future generations. We have a plan that balances the budget by 2015 so that our tax dollars are spent on public services instead of interest payments.

Our health care plan prioritizes quality and access by promoting community care centre models of care. We will invest in providing a better continuum of care, tax credits for family members staying home to care for seniors, case managers, and an assisted living and affordable housing strategy focused on the seniors population.

I want to thank CARP members for the essential contribution you make to Ontario. I invite you to learn more about the Green Party platform at www.itstimeforgreen.ca.


Mike Schreiner Leader of the Green Party of Ontario