Prince George BC – CARP chapter events

Here in the center of Canada’s Western most province we are an active chapter. Being this far west from our eastern HQ, we have to be imaginative in keeping with the CARP message when it comes to planning our events and creating our “local” website.  An active chapter holds onto it’s members better and Prince George is no exception to that rule.

We started the second year in this particular chapter amid all sorts of confusion and shaky leadership green in the position.  It has been challenging and definitely self educating. We moved our “non-open” meeting venue to a new location in September as the first ting we did this year, and now we are hoping to launch an open meeting for the community in March.  it will be the first event we will host with this board, so we hope you will be kind and not point out our shortcomings too much.  Thanks for reading this so far, stay tuned as we progress through time towards our next AGM which will come with a new leader (hopefully).