Newfoundland and Labrador Election: On the ground analysis

September 29, 2011 – CARP is a national organization, but one of our greatest tools is having members on the ground across Canada. And with the Newfoundland and Labrador election set for October 11, 2011, we asked CARP Chapter Chair, Edgar Williams, for a local analysis of the heath care issues that matter to older citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Conservative Platform

According to Mr. Williams, the Conservative campaign is focusing on health promotion and healthy aging.  With proposals to reduce wait times across the province, it appears the Conservatives are aiming to improve access to and the quality of the healthcare system as a whole.

Liberal Platform

The Liberal Party is campaigning on the promise of giving seniors more choice in aging at home and long-term care, according to Mr. Williams. The Liberals are promising more resources to allow older citizens to age in their communities.

NDP Platform

The NDP have the most concise platform, which focuses on expanding the number of nurses and doctors, especially in under serviced areas.

The Final Analysis

In Mr. Williams’ assessment, the Conservative Party will likely remain in power after the election. He told us that “unless some major issue grabs the attention of the electorate, I do not expect a change of government. It is the policies of the PC Party that need to be applauded or challenged as appropriate.”

To date, the polls support Mr. Williams’ analysis, with projections that the PCs will win a majority, with 53% support, with the NDP in second with 28% and the Liberals in third with 18%.