Statement from Sharon Labchuk, Green Party Leader of PEI

Dear CARP members,

The Green Party of PEI recognizes that as the province with the highest percentage of seniors, policies specific to their needs are critical.  At the same time, the Green Party believes in getting to the root of problems rather than slapping on expensive election-time band-aids that do not serve the long-term interests of Islanders.

The Green Party is the only party with a strong emphasis on illness prevention, not only to benefit individuals but to curtail the ballooning costs of treating ill health that is preventable.  We will spend 2% of the provincial health care budget on illness prevention. This program will include information and education about nutrition, exercise, healthy cooking and exposure to toxic chemicals. We will establish community health care centres in all regions to deliver illness prevention programs, provide the traditional health services of doctors and nurses, and include services from complimentary health practitioners in the areas of mid-wifery, chiropractic, naturopathy, massage, meditation and yoga.  Proven complimentary health practices will be included in the provincial health insurance plan. When people are healthier, doctors have more time to see more patients.

Catastrophic drug coverage will be provided.

Income tax will be eliminated for all people below the Low Income Cut Off measure – about $20,000 annually.  We will work with the Green Party of Canada to increase the Guaranteed Income Supplement, oppose the implementation of an HST, and increase programs to support independent living.  Tax credits will help family members who stay at home to care for seniors.

Rather than offer across the board subsidies for polluting fossil fuel, we will implement programs to subsidize energy efficiency, like home insulation, for both homeowners and landlords.

We will produce balanced budgets so as not to saddle our children and grandchildren with our debt and we will gradually pay down the current $2 billion provincial debt so that tax dollars can be spent on essential services rather than interest payments.

The Green Party is different because we understand the scientific reality of limits to growth set by the carrying capacity of the planet.  We must work within these limits. Otherwise we will exhaust resources, degrade our environment and put our economy, health and grandchildren’s future at risk.




Sharon Labchuk

Leader, Green Party of Prince Edward Island