Manitoba Liberal Leader Dr. Jon Gerrard’s Statement


Dear CARP members,

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you the Liberal vision for the province of Manitoba. Manitoba Liberals recognize that often needs of individuals and families change as they age and are committed to not only providing the most effective supports but improving programs that people already rely on.

Our focus is on putting wellness as a top priority so that Manitobans are healthier and the demand for health care can be decreased. Effectively addressing preventable conditions must be any government’s most important priority to deliver better care, as well as save billions of dollars to put towards the support of front line workers and their patients.

Along with supporting ongoing research to provide for the continual improvement in the quality and cost of services to aging adults, we will deliver a care plan for Manitoba to ensure we put the care back in caring for our seniors. For example, we will offer increased support to families to care for their relatives with tax credits and lead an effort to work with other provinces in areas like bulk buying of medications to reduce costs.

Manitoba Liberals also recognize the need to achieve major improvements in the quality of education, employment, housing and environmental stewardship province-wide, and we will embark on a continuous journey to improve their quality processes and culture. Innovation, new ideas, new products and new services are vital for our province to advance and prosper, and Manitoba Liberals will provide responsible leadership to build that success for Manitobans of all ages.


Dr. Jon Gerrard,
Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party