Newfoundland and Labrador Elections: What are the Parties Offering You?


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Newfoundland & Labrador

CARP has collected the platform promises targeted at older citizens of Newfoundland & Labrador by each of the three main parties. The platform proposals are taken directly from the official party documents. The platform items are organized by party to show how each is targeting older citizens.

The platforms are the ‘official’ vision for Newfoundland & Labrador of each party, as such, we omitted promises made in the media or the debates and focused instead on concrete proposals. The respective parties may have stated or elaborated promises not included in the information below and other items of interest not listed below can be found in the full party platforms.

CARP does not support any one party, and the information below is meant only as a neutral collection of policies that have been targeted by each party toward older Newfoundlanders & Labradorians. Our intent is to give our readers the information they need to make informed decisions on October 11, 2011.

To read each of the party platforms, follow these links:

Conservative Party:

Liberal Party:


The Issues: Between the three parties, the major issues relevant to older voters have been addressed, from home care to affordable housing. Of course, each party prioritized some issues over others.

On Healthcare: Each of the parties proposed improvements to homecare and long-term care practices and drug access and costs. The PCs focus on wait times reduction, while the Liberals are promising a health system navigator, and the NDP are proposing more doctors for under serviced areas.

Pensions & Incomes: The PCs will allow social assistance recipients to wait until age 65 to apply for their Canada Pension Plan benefits so they do not have to take a lifelong lower rate by applying at 60. The Liberals will work with the federal government to improve the CPP and provide a one-time 2.5% increase to Public Sector Pensioners and subsequently, annual increases equivalent to CPI, to a maximum of 2%. The NDP will give seniors living in their own homes $250 per household annually to help with snow clearing.

Other Seniors Issues: The PCs have proposals for seniors’ transit, housing, and tougher laws for elder abuse. The Liberals have a proposals to lower energy costs, while the NDP are promising affordable housing for seniors.

For full PDF document complete with reference tables, click here