Tim Hudak responds to Issues that Matter to CARP Members in Leeds and Grenville

On September 14, the Brockville Thousand Islands CARP Chapter asked Leeds-Grenville Provincial Election Candidates to respond to several questions based on a membership poll through CARP National office which indicated the issues that matter most to CARP members.

CARP Letter from Tim Hudak  is the single response received.

The questions addressed issues such as:

  • Affordable access to long term care
  • Supporting a comprehensive strategy to allow everyone to stay in their homes as long as possible as we age
  • Reducing the cost of prescription drugs and basic drug coverage for all Canadians
  • Income supplement (GAINS) for low income seniors
  • Cost of living:  HST on home heating, property taxes, electricity costs
  • A comprehensive plan to crack down on elder abuse and demand stiffer penalties