Accessibity for everyone begins in the home court.

This news story done by CKPG news here in Prince George about Kamloops, British Columbia stepping towards accessibility for all in their municipal elections which are set to occur at the same time as the one in Prince George.  Inspiring at the local level for many BC communities.  Kudos Kamloops! I was born there in 1965.

This is a local issue that many fine citizens of Prince George have volunteered to manage.  Since 1992, the city has had a drive to become a model for access in everything it does, every where its’ citizens wander.  Access for the Mobility challenged in all walkways and places of commerce.  Access for the low to no vision crowd in all public venues and pedestrian areas.  Audio problems to further overcome in every environment.  Access for you, no mater what ability level you live with.  They live in all our macro communities; even more visible in all of our micro communities.  We all face disability before we die, in any one of 1000 ways.

It is one of my personal aims having been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in 2000.  Presently all over Canada it is estimated that 35 to 45 % of all citizens survive with a disability, well over 50% are visually and or mobility challenged.  If you make it possible for those of us who fall in that percentage of the population to make changes that are good for all, let me be an example of the changes we can make.  Since joining CARP Chapter 6, I have seen a way to address this at a national level.  Start with federal elections being allowed to cater to everyone in Canada allowing us to help decide Canada’s future, and then our sheer numbers will let us make the changes to allow us to function as good as every other person in this nation!  Give us the ability to do this independently!  We have the power and we have the numbers that make positive changes!  WE ARE CANADIAN; We are British Colombians; we are Prince George!  It begins at home in CARP Chapter 06