NEW TIOW PROGRAM STARTS:  October 31st, 2011

Please contact: Lesley Cameron, Workshop Facilitator

Employment & Education Centre
105 Strowger Boulevard
Brockville, Ontario
Canada    K6V 5V2
[email protected]
phone: (613) 498-2111 or 1-800-926-0777 X222
fax: (613) 498-2116

In case you missed it, we wanted to share with you a recent ‘Letter to the Editor’ published in several recent newspapers:

Dear Editor:

Fall is starting and children and young adults are now back in school for another year. We are asking that older adults also consider coming back to school this fall.

The Employment and Education Centre (EEC) in Brockville is offering the NEWSTEP program to older workers throughout the fall and winter. This six-week retraining and employment-readiness course is designed for older workers who may have been displaced from a long-term job in the local manufacturing industry, or who are semi-retired. We are also seeking mature folks looking to re-integrate into the workforce after an extended absence or who even might be entering it for the first time.

In order to be eligible for our program, participants need to be between 55 and 65 (people between 50 and 54 may also be able to take part), unemployed or underemployed, and a resident of Brockville or the South Leeds area. You need also to be willing to commit to a 25 hour-a-week program at our Strowger Blvd. location.

Those who take part are eligible for a living allowance for the duration of the program and also to receive up to nine months of funded post-secondary training. Participants also receive resume and cover letter training, job interview instruction and assistance with dealing with job loss and job searching.

We know that re-integrating into the workforce at any age can be challenging, NEWSTEP is designed to make the transition easier! It is jointly funded by the federal and provincial governments under the TIOW (Targeted Initiative for Older Workers) program.