Message from the Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall

Dear CARP Members,

The Saskatchewan Party government is proud of its 4-year record for seniors, and we plan to continue to move the province forward by helping share our strong economic position with all citizens.

In our first term, the Saskatchewan Party government more than doubled the Saskatchewan Seniors Income Plan (SIP) to $190 a month.  We also significantly increased the number of low-income seniors eligible to receive the SIP benefit.  If re-elected, we will take the next step by increasing the important benefit again to $270 a month – triple what it was under the NDP’s 16 years.

We also plan to continue making life more affordable for seniors by introducing a new Seniors Personal Care Home Benefit.  This will assist low-income seniors living in personal care homes by subsidizing the difference between a senior’s monthly income and a threshold of $1,800, increasing to $2,000 by 2015.

Our plan to help make life more affordable for Saskatchewan seniors included the introduction of the Seniors Drug Plan in 2007.  About 113,000 seniors with income of $64,000 a year or less have received benefits from the $15 per prescription cap.  The Sask Party has committed $152 million for 13 new long-term care facilities (600 beds) to replace outdated facilities across the province.  We have 900 more nurses and 200 more doctors working in Saskatchewan compared to just four years ago, and we will continue to work to reduce surgery wait times.

One thing I have consistently heard from seniors is that they want the government to live within its means.  Our platform is affordable and sustainable within a balanced budget, unlike our opponent’s plan that will plunge our province into debt and budget deficits.   Our government has paid down provincial debt by 40 per cent over the last four years all within balanced budgets, and we plan to continue being responsible with your tax dollars.

Brad Wall

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