Post Election Poll Report

2011 Provincial Elections Map of Canada

2011 Provincial Elections Map of CanadaOctober 21, 2011: CARP members in all three provinces which recently had elections (PEI, Manitoba and Ontario) agree unanimously that their respective new governments must move promptly to fulfill promises they made to older voters, but only a minority are confident this will in fact happen.

CARP members in Ontario came closest in their voting patterns to the final result (a slim Liberal plurality), followed by those in Manitoba, but in every other respect, members in all three provinces say the same thing – it is very urgent that their respective governments act on the promises they made but only about a third are confident this will happen.

Members are presented with a number of ideas for democratic reform in Canada, and react most positively to mandatory voting and online voting. Surprisingly, proportional representation (PR) is slightly preferred to the Westminster style of government under which Canada operates now.

Members prefer fixed election dates to open elections, and are closely split on whether to reform the senate or abolish it.

Intimations of the mortality of the Liberal Party are premature among CARP members, and the party has enjoyed a renaissance lately, posting solid second place results to the leading Conservatives, and well ahead of the third place NDP.

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