Community Development Year in Review 2010-2011

On the behalf of the National office, we are pleased to present Community Development’s Annual Report for 2010-2011. This report is dedicated to the Chapters, their Boards, and to all the volunteers who have generously given of their time and expertise to advance our joint enterprise: to enhance the quality of life for Canadians as we age.

This has been a great year for CARP. We continue to make great strides as an organization. We’ve claimed our place not only as the premier membership organization for older adults but also as one of Canada’s strongest grassroots organizations leading the charge for positive social change and breathing new life into the concept of community.

It has been noted before that CARP’s ability to influence governments and businesses at all levels depends on having a growing membership with strong, active and persistent voices in communities throughout the country. The Chapters, led by committed volunteer Boards, are absolutely crucial to the success of the enterprise, building the momentum that ensures that the National mission and advocacy

priorities have resonance and voice in communities and regions throughout the country.

The Chapters have done great work throughout the country. This report provides but a brief overview of what the Chapters and the Community Development team have achieved this year.

With appreciation,

Ross Mayot
Vice President – Community Development

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