Chapter 23- Waterfront Update

Yesterday at 17:46

The virtual tour

By Jamie Smith,

A community group had a virtual tour of the waterfront Tuesday.

CARP, formerly the Canadian Association of Retired Persons, got an update on the ongoing waterfront development now that Phase One of Prince Arthur’s Landing’s public component is shaping up.

The city’s acting waterfront manager Paul Pepe said it’s important for people to get a good look at the project.

“It’s to show the community what’s been done,” Pepe said outside of Mary J.L. Black Library Tuesday afternoon. “And certainly to explain elements of the project and how it came to fruition.”

The park will be open to the public Dec. 16 to show all the work to-date.

“We’re looking forward to opening the gates finally and allowing the public back into certain elements of the park to experience and explore it a little more closely,” Pepe said.

CARP Northwestern Ontario chapter chair Allen Richert said the presentation is part of an ongoing effort to get the 2,200 regional members more active and educated on community issues.

While most people in the group he’s spoken with are in favour of the project because of the social and economic benefits it brings, there are concerns.

“I know cost overruns have been a big issue for a lot of people,” Richert said.

“I think people are definitely in favour, but there are other people that are looking at it from the other side of where does the buck stop?”

As for the project’s private development, which was supposed to include a hotelier announcement in October of 2010, Pepe said he hopes to see an announcement at the end of this month.

“A lot of work is being done behind the scenes to get us to that point,” he said.

But Pepe said ultimately it’s up to the developer to decide when to make an announcement.

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