CARP Advocacy Poll Report

November 18, 2011



CARP members overwhelmingly support the organization’s advocacy on a national securities regulator with enforcement powers, as well as creating a national home care health transfer. They say they are willing to take positive political action to support these issues (which may be taken as a proxy for joining the organization in the first place). This would indicate these two positions are especially compelling in prompting action.

CARP members were presented with a number of CARP advocacy positions and were asked to what extent they agreed with them. The wide majority (three quarters or more) agree with CARP’s positions on everything, so, for discrimination purposes, below are shown only the percentages who said they “strongly agreed”, or had a high level of commitment to the position among half our members or more.

Strongly Agree

National Securities Regulator with enforcement power


Federal Home Care Health Transfer


National Securities Regulator


Investigation/prosecution teams for elder abuse


It is clear a national securities regulator (with or without enforcement powers) and a national home care health transfer are the most compelling issues to members, and are the issues which draw strong commitment from more than half our members. While all issues, including regulating PRPPs, a national health promotion strategy and others, are very popular, these are the most popular.

The strong majority of members say they would take positive action (phoning or writing an MP or using CARP’s E-Voice) to support a national securities regulator and stiffer sentences for elder abuse.

Two thirds of CARP members have been in an accident (few serious), and of them, one quarter claim they were at fault. Members’ vehicles are used primarily for errands and shopping, and there is little enthusiasm for doing without them.

A surprisingly high proportion of members plan to be cremated when they die, although few have prearranged their funerals.

The Conservative Party continues to attract the support of half our members, while the Liberals and the NDP split the rest.

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