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50 CARP Chapters and Growing

In our last CARP Action Online newsletter, we asked how many members were aware of, or involved in their local CARP Chapter.  The response showed that less than 50% of the respondents were currently involved in a CARP Chapter; so here’s a primer on what CARP Chapters are, and what they do… and why you should get involved.

At our CARP annual general meeting at the end of October, we announced that we had reached the significant milestone of 50 chapters across Canada, from Victoria, in BC to St. John’s, in Newfoundland & Labrador.

CARP recently took over the remaining  membership of the Manitoba Society of Seniors, which ceased operation this past  summer, and is setting up a chapter network in the Winnipeg area, with the first two chapters in Transcona and St. James-Assiniboia, now up and running.

We’re still looking for CARP Chapter representation in Saskatchewan and are recruiting volunteers in Regina and Saskatoon to help us start local chapters there.  Give us a call to find out how you can help!

We’ve also heard from CARP members in Canada’s north, so if you’d like to help plant a Chapter flag in Yukon, North West Territories or Nunavut, please get in touch.

However,  if you don’t live within the boundaries of an existing CARP Chapter, you can help start one in your own community.  Click on the Community Button, on the website and see if your community is already represented by a Chapter… if not, please get in touch.  If you do have a Chapter in your town, please get in touch and get involved.

About CARP Chapters

Chapters represent CARP’s national infrastructure, through support and advancement of its  mission.  CARP needs a strong, active network of Chapters throughout the country.  Our  Chapters’ leadership and commitment to volunteerism is an invaluable resource that strengthens CARP and its members.  Chapters not only provide a means of extending CARP’s objectives and presence at the community level, they are, in effect, “Club Houses” for CARP members. They provide an organizing principle for members to collectively develop ideas and activities; take leadership roles in their communities; promote volunteer service and partner with others.

Chapters facilitate the lines of communication between the national office and members throughout the country and help keep members informed and involved in the policies and priorities of the organization.  CARP’s Chapters provide a means for members to get involved in CARP’s mission at the local level, providing a relationship between members, communities and the National programs and services.

Chapters provide a means for members to put their talent, creativity, energy, knowledge and sense of community-spirit to work in the service of their community and on behalf of Zoomers throughout the country.

All of which make communities with Chapters better places to live.

Our Community Annual Report was released at our recent AGM and highlights just some of the important work that Chapters accomplish in their own community.

To find out more about CARP Chapters and Community Development, contact

Anthony Quinn [email protected]

Gail Goldman [email protected]

Toll Free: 1-888-363-2279 and press 2.