Seemingly Spontaneous Displays of Holiday Cheer Sprouting up Everywhere!

A flashmob may sound rather ominous but actually it’s just good fun! It happens when a group of people assembles in a public place to perform an act (be it dance, song or even an unusual activity like a pillow fight) for a brief period of time. The point of a flashmob is to surprise passersby as well as to perform a spontaneous display of comedy or artistic expression.

What makes them even more interesting is that flashmobs are usually open to public participation and performed by strangers who organize the event through social media. This, however, is not always the case. Sometimes they are organized by groups of friends, artistic troupes, students and now by retirement home residents! Often, participant they may have gathered to rehearse the performance beforehand but when the act is over they will usually disperse without making a fuss and act as though nothing had happened.

This Christmas themed Christmas food-court flash mob is sure to put a smile on your face:

Some companies have also seen a promotion opportunity in this trend. Although this flashmob was sponsored by T-Mobile it is truly astounding. Participants surprised and travelers arriving at Heathrow airport with a surprise serenade:

Seniors are joining the fun as well. Last week residents of retirement home in Kansas surprised shoppers at Target with a flashmob set to the cast of Glee’s rendition of “Last Christmas”:

Sometimes, flashmobbers perform a routine that turns convention on its head and puzzles onlookers. These social norm transgressions are always very harmless and are meant to be comedic. This group of seniors from Montreal did just that when they all stood motionless mid-activity as though frozen in time in the middle of bustling Montreal plaza: