Good Life Fitness and TO2…

Come Join Us Wednesdays for a Zoomer Afternoon at Good Life Fitness @ the Manulife Centre………CARP’s Toronto Chapter and the Manulife GoodLife Club have created an afternoon “package” for interested Zoomers, Good Life and CARP members starting January 9, 2012.

 In the new fitness schedule Wednesday morning @ 11:15a.m., start with a low intensity Aqua fit Class to get warmed up. Then stay and have lunch down stairs at one of the many Manulife restaurant options downstairs. At 1:15pm you can go back up to Good Life  and try the latest “hot “ cardio class Zumba— for Zoomers, there is free parking at the Manulife – ( 2 hours) and while you are there you can also pick-up your groceries, go to the drugstore, go shopping or even take in a movie.

Come and try it out! It’s brand NEW ……..Do 1 or 2 classes! Warm up this winter with water fun and a Latin style cardio class to really “hot Latin tunes” and keep in shape. You’ll feel like a million dollars ……..and it is better than going away since you won’t have to deal with the airports!

 GoodLife is a National partner of CARP and offers CARP member’s deep discounts for joining GoodLife. So if you are not a CARP or GoodLife member yet, join CARP now to get great rates from Goodlife and keep fit!

 Good Life Fitness @ the Manulife Centre

55 Bloor St. West

Toronto, ON

(2 hr free parking)