Hands Off OAS!

CARP members and friends!

By now you have heard what the Harper government is planning to do with the Old Age Security (OAS).  They want to raise the age to 67 instead of the current 65.

Are you just going to sit back and take it?  I didn’t think so.

Join CARP’s Hands Off OAS campaign and make your voice be heard.  Complete our polls and write to your politicians via EVoice.

Make a noise.  And please have your friends, neighbours and colleagues join CARP. Together we have a stronger voice.  Together we have collective power.  It was Boomers and Seniors (Zoomers!) who elected the politicians and  we can sure un-elect them in a hurry if they don’t listen to us.

Join CARP now!  I can offer you a reduced price of $14.95 for CARP membership only for one year or $19.95 for both CARP membership and Zoomer magazine.

Please contact April at [email protected] or 604-536-8717.

Together we can make a difference!