Can-Do spring icebreaker event

Cando event 2011

In 1998

In 1998 Prince George saw its’ first Can-Do event held to help disabled people in Prince George.  It is annually held in the early spring at the Collage of New Caledonia (CNC) in Prince George.  It is an Icebreaker for the entire community, meant to shrug off those winter blues developed over a traditional northern winter.  Nowhere are those blues more felt then by the disabled community

Please encorage the City of Prince George to spend more on walk areas!
This is downtown. It is not recommended to travel by power mobility in conditions like this. Thanks CPG and BC Transit, we have the only 100% full time accessible transit system available in Canada at least once per hour to/from (max) 4 blocks from most residences / points of destination!

Traditionally, the weather has created many barriers that forced many of the community to be trapped in their residences, unable to move independently or freely around the city for days on end.  Cabin fever is rampant in the community and Can-Do was conceived, born and remains to lift those feelings within the community and provide a welcome introduction to the upcoming summer.  The cost has yet to be developed for people without a disability but as always, the cost for someone with a disability is free.  Well, there is a $5 deposit which the disabled person will get back when they show up at the event.

Laurie Meier from the Elks Club presents Can-Do with $1,000
Can-Do support

The price of admission covers the cost of dinner and the entertainment for the evening.  Since it began in 98, the Elks “Elastic Band” has provided music and various other community groups have provided unique entertaining skits and informative talks.  The Mayor of Prince George often attends to speak to the attendees; a civic representative arrives when the Mayor is not available.   This year, the ticket sales will begin in April (coordinated by Handy Circle Resources Society) and be available until they sell out.  The event will occur May 12th 2012 at CNC.  For more information please contact HCRS by Email: handycircle{at}telus{dot}net.