Government Warnings for Canadian Travellers

Worried about that trip south, or further afield?

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada updates it’s website with important information for Canadians traveling or living abroad.

News headlines from hotspots around the world, such as Egypt, Syria and Mexico might cause CARP members to pause before booking travel.  Visit for Travel Reports and Warnings (Advisories) from the Canadian government.  There is a drop down box where you can enter any country and get up to date information on safety of travel, including particular places to avoid.  For example, the Canadian Government isn’t warning against travel to Mexico, but does recommend using a “high degree of caution” and says, “it is highly advisable to travel to Mexico by air.”

If you’re interested in finding out what our neighbours to the south think about their safety in a specific country, visit www. for a listing of US travel warnings and the CIA World Fact Book for in depth information on the political situation in every country, along with facts on geography, economy, culture and more.

Safe travels!