Premier Announces Structural Changes

March 01, 2012

Premier David Alward announced today a structural reorganization designed to streamline administration, improve performance and better align existing resources with government renewal goals.

“New Brunswickers have told us they want the provincial government to deliver better services in a more efficient and effective way,” Alward said. “Our vision for change means focusing government efforts on core services, accountability and continuous performance improvement.”

Launched last year, Government Renewal’s focus is to ensure the Province of New Brunswick can provide affordable, sustainable, and the most responsive services possible to New Brunswickers, now and in the future.

As part of this exercise, corporate services government-wide will be integrated to form a new Government Services department, led by Minister Craig Leonard.

The new Department of Government Services will be responsible for the New Brunswick Internal Services Agency and Service New Brunswick, as well as services associated with the procurement, printing, translation and records functions of the Department of Supply and Services and the marketing, graphic design, web and event management functions of Communications New Brunswick (CNB). Executive Council Office will assume responsibility for government’s corporate communications. CNB staff currently assigned to departments will become employees of those departments.

The departments of Environment and Local Government will be amalgamated and led by Minister Bruce Fitch.  The new Department of Environment and Local Government will maintain responsibility for environmental stewardship, provision of a local government and service framework; and will assume responsibility for Efficiency NB.

Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney, currently Minister of Environment and Minister responsible for the Status of Women, will become Minister of Energy.  Blaney will maintain her role as Minister responsible for the Status of Women.

Currently under the leadership of one minister, the departments of Tourism and Parks and Wellness, Culture and Sport will be fully integrated to form a new Department of Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living. Minister Trevor Holder will continue to serve as its minister.

A new Department of Economic Development will lead all economic development activity by assuming responsibility for the functions currently delivered by Business New Brunswick, and for the management of the Regional Development Corporation.  Minister of Economic Development Paul Robichaud will continue as its minister as well as Minister responsible for Invest NB.

Intergovernmental Affairs and the Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat will be incorporated into the Executive Council Office.  Premier David Alward will continue as Minister responsible for those functions.

The changes are effective March 15.

“This structural reorganization will allow us to streamline administration and reduce the number of deputy minister level positions across government by five to 23,” Alward said.  “I am pleased to announce the following changes to the senior ranks of New Brunswick’s civil service.”

  • Sylvie Levesque-Finn, currently deputy minister of Local Government, has been named deputy minister of the new Department of Government Services.
  • Denis Caron, currently President of the Regional Development Corporation, has been named deputy minister of Environment and Local Government.
  • Phil LePage continues in his role as deputy minister of both Energy and Natural Resources.
  • Carolyn MacKay, currently deputy minister of the departments of Tourism and Parks and Wellness, Culture and Sport, will transition to become the deputy minister of Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living.
  • Bill Levesque, currently deputy minister of Business New Brunswick, will transition to become deputy minister of Economic Development and assumes responsibility for the Regional Development Corporation. Robert MacLeod continues in his role as President of Invest NB.
  • Jean-Marc Dupuis, currently deputy minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries, has been named deputy minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. Dupuis replaces current deputy minister Jean Castonguay, who is retiring.
  • Robert Rioux, currently assistant deputy minister at Business New Brunswick, has been appointed deputy minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries.
  • Judith Keating, currently serving in an acting capacity, has been named deputy minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General.
  • Other senior civil servants currently acting in deputy minister level positions will return to their regular positions.

“I feel confident this team will provide New Brunswick with the leadership we need to bring our province back to fiscal health, improve performance and shift our efforts and resources toward a more focused, efficient and effective system of program and service delivery,” Alward said. “I want to publicly thank Jean Castonguay for his many of years of excellent service to New Brunswickers and wish him a happy retirement.  I also want to thank all civil servants who have stepped forward over the course of the last year to contribute to government’s renewal.”

Following is the complete list of deputy ministers, deputy heads and presidents of Crown corporations (* denotes a change or addition):

Nancy McKay
Chief of Staff, Office of the Premier

Byron James*

Clerk of the Executive Council and Secretary to Cabinet
Douglas Holt 
Deputy Minister of Management Board

Darell Fowlie
Deputy Minister, responsible for communications, Office of the Premier

Dallas McCready
Deputy Minister responsible for Strategic Initiatives, Executive Council Office

Greg Lutes
Secretary to the Policy and Priorities committee of Cabinet, Executive Council Office

Judith Keating*
Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Minister of Justice

Dale Wilson

Deputy Minister of Public Safety

Jane Garbutt
Deputy Minister of Finance

Sylvie Levesque-Finn*
Deputy Minister of Government Services
President, Service New Brunswick

President, New Brunswick Internal Services Agency
Jean-Marc Dupuis*
Deputy Minister of Transportation

Phil LePage
Deputy Minister of Energy

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources

Robert Rioux*
Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries

Don Ferguson  
Deputy Minister of Health

Edith Doucet  
Deputy Minister of Social Development

Marc Léger
Deputy Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

Roger Doucet
Deputy Minister of Education (francophone sector)

Wendy McLeod-MacKnight
Deputy Minister of Education (anglophone sector)

Denis Caron* 
Deputy Minister of Environment and Local Government

President, Efficiency NB

Bill Levesque*  

Deputy Minister of Economic Development
President, Regional Development Corporation

Robert MacLeod

President, Invest NB

Carolyn MacKay
Deputy Minister of Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living
Patrick Francis
Deputy Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

The following is a complete list of New Brunswick government departments:

1.            Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries

2.            Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living

3.           Economic Development

4.            Education and Early Childhood Development

5.           Energy

6.            Environment and Local Government

7.            Executive Council Office

8.            Finance

9.            Government Services

10.          Health

11.          Justice and Attorney General

12.         Natural Resources

13.          Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

14.          Premier’s Office

15.          Public Safety

16.          Social Development

17.         Transportation and Infrastructure