Article updated March 7, 2012

As many of you will already know attendance at our February meeting was the best we have ever had. The subject matter was “Changes to Probate Rules You and Your Executor Need to Know”.

Regrettably due to the very high turnout many of you could not find a seat and even more regrettably due to safety concerns we were unable to accommodate everyone who came.

With this level of attendance at our meetings we know we need to find a solution where everyone can be accommodated. Please be assured that we are trying to find a solution and please bear with us until we have an answer.  With more volunteers, for example in the Milton area, we could begin to offer the same meetings in Milton. If anyone would be willing to help with this please let us know.

Member support for our CARP Chapter is very much appreciated by the dedicated group of volunteers who work hard to bring you information that we believe is vital for seniors in our community. It further demonstrates that we have a voice that can and should be heard in our community.  

Given the high level of interest in the February presentation we plan to repeat the meeting as soon as possible. We had hoped to do this for our March meeting and announced that this was our intention. Unfortunately our speaker has advised that due to a calendar mix-up she will not be available on March 27th as we had hoped.

We will therefore reschedule the meeting just as soon as we can. We will announce this in a newsletter and on our webpage as soon as the date and time are confirmed. Information about our March meeting can be found later in this newsletter.

For those of you who would like a review of the presentation and discussion at our February meeting our speaker, Leony DeGraaf, has prepared a summary of her material and you can read this by clicking on the following link.

Probate & Executor Presentation Summary 2012 (1)

You will also find additional information on her website at

The importance of having a Will and keeping it up to date cannot be overemphasised. Understanding what happens to your estate, what fees are applied and  how your estate  is settled will help you make the decisions that are best for your individual circumstances. Lawyers and Estate Planning experts repeatedly tell us of horror stories that with a little more thought and attention could so easily have been prevented.

Keep your will current; if changes are required do not put off making them.