Eldercollege at Capilano University

Issues & Ideas
Spring 2012 Program Summary

6 Tuesdays, 10:00-11:30am, at Capilano University, Library 322
Facilitator: Hugh Millar, 604-924-1323, [email protected]

Issues and Ideas:

An EC collaboration with the Suzuki Elders – “Transitions – Back to the Future”
A lively forum on current environmental issues featuring the Suzuki Elders, in association with the
David Suzuki Foundation. Six presenters from a range of professional backgrounds will: examine the
increasing constraints on our well-being imposed by populations, resource use, climate change and
environmental and social alterations; discuss the hydrogenization imperative in energy use; examine
which technological solutions work and which don’t; consider the imperatives for rethinking our
relationship with Earth; solicit elder wisdom to tell a better story; and finally, figure out how we’re
going to get there from here.

Session #1, 2012Mar06
“Approaching the Limits”
Peggy Olive, Scientist Emeritus, B.C. Cancer Agency, and Andrew Mackey, professional training &
coaching consultant.

Session #2, 2012Mar13
“Energy in Transition: The Hydrogenization Imperative”
Conrad Guelke, energy, strategy & communications consultant, and Marks McAvity, educator & member of
Rivendell Retreat Centre.

Session #3, 2012Mar20
“Technological solutions – what works; what doesn’t”
Ted Stout, technological and economic innovation consultant, & Karl Perrin, Environment Committee,
Unitarian Church of Vancouver.

Session #4, 2012Mar27
“Rethinking our relationship with Earth”
Diana Ellis, planning & participatory evaluation consultant, & Jacqueline Hanley, psychotherapist and
shamanic healer.

Session #5, 2012Apr03
“Telling a better story”
Marks McAvity, educator & member of Rivendell Retreat Centre.

Session #6, 2012Apr10
“How will we get there from here?”
Diana Ellis, planning & participatory evaluation consultant, Patricia Grinsteed, Raging Grannies of B.C., and
Eva Wadolna, Institute of Noetic Sciences.