Elder Services Advisory Committee – Halton

Article posted March 13, 2012

Halton and the communities in Halton region are well served by committees and groups actively involved in the wellbeing of seniors. It is well worth while searching on the websites of our communities where you will find a wealth of information for our demographic.

The following will highlight the Elder Services Advisory Committee which is just one of these committees and quotes directly from their website..

“The goal of ESAC is to promote the well-being and quality of life for seniors in the Region.

Specific activities include:

  • Providing advice on Regional policy issues and services that affect Halton seniors.
  • Supporting policies set out in the Regional Official Plan and the Halton Regio Strategic Plan.
  • Responding to requests for advice on policy issues and services that affect Halton seniors.
  • Facilitating and receiving comments and advice from seniors throughout Halton.
  • Engaging in selected public awareness activities, in collaboration with other community members, to inform Regional Council, Regional Staff and the public-at-large on issues affecting seniors.
  • Developing community partnerships and conducting research, within capabilities and resources, into community issues affecting seniors.
  • Establishing standing committees and task groups, within capabilities and resources, as required, including an Executive Committee, Policy & Research Standing Committee and Communications Standing Committee”.

ESAC produce a number of “Fast Facts” publications which you may find useful.  Links to four of these are provided below.

Legal-Issues for Seniors



Government-Income-Sources for Seniors

For more information please go the Halton Region website at   www.halton.ca.   Under ‘Living in Halton’ click on ‘seniors’.  There you will find many links to information that is of importance to seniors in our community.