New North York CARP Chapter introduces founding Chairs

Dear CARP Members in North York,

There are over fifty CARP Chapters across Canada and North York is about to become the latest.

Recently, we contacted the CARP National Office and enquired about a North York Chapter. We were quite surprised to hear that a chapter did not exist. Through our work with seniors in the community, we knew that the need was there and so we did not hesitate to agree to help to launch a new CARP Chapter in North York, ON.

As a way of introduction, we are proud North York residents and CARP members and have been hosting information seminars for seniors for over a year. CARP is therefore a natural extension of our volunteer work in North York. Anne was the CFO of a large company and has extensive marketing experience. Max has an MBA and was the Publisher and Managing Director of a daily newspaper in Jamaica. Together we owned and operated a successful Direct Marketing company in North York for many years. We are active in our Church and have an established Real Estate business in North York.

To create a successful Chapter requires help and involvement. At the moment we are looking for volunteers either as members of the board, committee chairs and/or members. Of course the key goal is to represent the community and growth and advocacy will be the key to the success of the Chapter.

Once the Board is established, our Chapter will provide opportunities for all of us to get involved in the social issues that affect Canadians as we age and to strengthen CARP’s voice and influence locally, regionally and nationally.

If you are currently a CARP member, or want to become one, there are no additional fees or dues for joining our Chapter. In fact, you can support our Chapter by simply including Chapter number 52 on the membership form when you become a member, or renew your membership. By including our Chapter number, whether you register online, over the telephone, or on the printed membership form, a portion of your CARP membership fee will be allocated to our Chapter so we can continue to be a value resource in our Community.

Plans are underway to hold our first meeting this spring, to put together a strong roster of volunteers for the Chapter board and committees, and then plan a full general meeting for all CARP members in North York sometime this summer. If you would like more information, or wish to volunteer, please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected]

We hope you will join us, meet new people, have fun and help make our community a better place.


Maxwell Wynter & Anne Dawson
Chairs, North York Chapter