The Grey LaneDoc on Senior Drivers

CARP’s long-serving Advocacy Consultant, Carol Libman makes a cameo appearance in a new documentary that looks into the increasingly controversial topic of older drivers.

We just watched the preview and think it would be of interest to CARP members. It may not cover the age discrimination topic as much as we’d like (New Hampshire seems to have it right), but it’s an important topic, and increasingly so… and a good starting point for a facts-based discussion..

The Grey Lane, produced by Liam O’Rinn and hosted by John Wing airs on the CBC’s Documentary Channel, Sunday at 7PM ET/PT. Viewers may have to contact their cable provider, as this channel is only available to digital subscribers.

From the press release:

Canada and other Western nations are grappling with the emotionally charged question of what to do about older people behind the wheel. While many seniors are superbly safe drivers, statistics show those 75 and older cause more crashes than teenagers per kilometer driven. Now, as Baby Boomers start hitting 65, Canada faces a “Boomsday” scenario. And the need for better rules, regulations and alternative means of transportation is nothing less than urgent.

The Grey Lane premiering on Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 7 pm (ET/PT) on CBC’s Documentary Channel, takes a close, compelling, and sometimes amusing look at the issue. Join host, seasoned stand-up comic John Wing, as he hits the road, traveling to various locations in Canada and the United States to find out how the aging process affects driving skills, how older drivers are being tested, and what alternatives exist to help seniors get around once they voluntarily – or are forced to – give up their keys. The Grey Lane examines one of the most challenging issues of our time – seniors driving.

The Grey Lane is written by Liam O’Rinn and John Wing, directed by Liam O’Rinn (Record Man: The Life & Times of Sam Sniderman) and produced by Rick LeGuerrier and Timothy M. Hogan of New Brunswick based, Dream Street Pictures (Sext up KIDS, Canada Russia ’72, Sticks and Stones) in association with documentary.