Fed Up with Telemarketers?

Do you need your ducts cleaned?  Perhaps, but you certainly don’t want to discuss it, on the phone, with a stranger, in the middle of your supper.

Complaints about telemarketers taking advantage of the combination of cost-effective communications (telephone) and a captive audience (you, in your home) prompted the CRTC to introduce the National Do Not Call List in 2008.  The DNCL imposed new responsibilities on Canada’s telemarketers and gives you the opportunity to register your phone number in an effort to reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive.

There’s also a complaint mechanism to report companies that ignore the do not call list, and try to sell you new windows while you’re eating your soup.

We’ve heard anecdotal complaints that the number of telemarketing calls had gone up for CARP members who enrolled in the DNCL early on.  However, stronger enforcement by the CRTC and financial penalties for offenders of up to $15,000 per complaint, have given teeth to this legislation, and they boast over $2.1 million in fines since 2008, with Bell Canada and Goodlife Fitness paying large penalties, but omit how much money has actually been collected.

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