Lakeland Mills Fire

This is a little late and I do apologize to the workers in the local disaster at Lakeland mills due to it being so delayed in posting here.   Just to re-cap, The fire occurred suddenly one cool April night in 2012.  Between 10  and 11 pm, a series of explosions rocked Prince George and rousted many emergency services to muster on the mill and do their job so well.

This mill fire was the second in 3 months that happened in CARP Ch 6’s region.  In January, a mill in Burns Lake (roughly 130 miles west of Prince George along Highway 16) suffered the same fate.  Many experts feel that the dryer, lighter sawdust from Mountain Pine Beetle killed trees may have been a factor causing the fire.

it is interesting to note that these fires have been happening in many enclosed spaces, at least 6 mills in British Columbia since the 1960’s have exploded like this.  Anyway the long and short of this post is that our local workers need your support.  A donation link has been set up here, please help our immediate local community.  Thanks in advance!


After the 2 fires happened so close together WorkSafe BC has ordered all the lumber mills to undergo aggressive clean up procedures in an effort to reduce or eliminate the chance that another mill suffers this fate.  As always, CKPG news, our local source of information has the latest on what is happening in regards to the fires and aftereffects.