CARP calls on MPs to separate OAS changes from Budget Bill: Open Letter

Information posted May11, 2012

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On May 7th CARP issued an open letter calling on MPs to support motions to separate the changes to the OAS eligibility age from the rest of Bill C-38 citing strong opposition from its membership and the fact that it was never put before the electorate. [open letter attached]

“CARP members would be shattered to learn that such a fundamental part of our social safety net was rushed through Parliament on the strength of the government’s Parliamentary majority alone, without adequate opportunity for full debate,” said Susan Eng, VP Advocacy, CARP.

Debates on Bill C-38 are limited and the vote to refer the Bill to Committee takes place on Monday, May 14th. Various motions and discussions among house leaders may be taking place to break the massive Budget implementation bill into separate components and CARP is asking that the OAS changes be separated to allow for proper debate.

CARP is on the record that:

  1. The age of eligibility for OAS should not be increased from 65 to 67
  2. If there is a need to relieve budgetary pressures, there are other options such as the potential savings from health care reform or the reduced military spending once the Afghan mission is complete
  3. A fundamental change such as raising the OAS eligibility age should be fully debated especially given that the issue was not put before the voters and the implementation date is far enough away to allow for measured deliberations.

According to CARP Polls™ in the past months, CARP members roundly reject raising the OAS eligibility age and see better ways to help younger Canadians– such as increasing job opportunities.