CARP Seniors’ Discounts Poll Report

Key Findings

CARP members are very enthusiastic about seniorsʼ discounts, primarily because they aid those on fixed incomes, and they agree they should be offered at between 60 and 65 years of age.

The vast majority do not agree withdrawing seniorsʼ no-fee accounts at banks is a good business strategy and agree it is important banks continue to offer these accounts. While most want the federal government to guarantee seniorsʼ accounts, most do not know most banks already offer no-frills, basic accounts.

Seniorsʼ accounts are seen to be a good thing because they, once again, aid those on fixed incomes, and most think they should be offered to all seniors, not just those in low income groups, and most would move their business if their bank no longer offered them. Few have ever been offered a no-fee seniorsʼ account.

The wide majority think seniorsʼ discounts should apply to a broad range of services and utilities, mostly heating and electricity, and property taxes. Most disagree with the trend to paperless bills and a charge for paper bills, most characterize them as “not such a good thing”, and this is primarily because seniors donʼt always have computers. Many think seniors should be exempted from paper bill fees, either wholesale or upon request. The majority would take their business elsewhere, if there were an option, if faced with a paper bill charge.

Members do not believe the federal government will live up to its commitment to fund additional social assistance costs to the provinces. Most believe the government is counting on seniorsʼ reluctance to apply for social assistance to bridge the gap from 65 to 67 to save money.

Members want the provinces either to reject the OAS changes and make the government run on them in the next election, or to work together to coordinate existing social assistance for seniors 65 to 67 across all provinces.

The Conservative Party leads voter preference, but the NDP are firmly in second place and catching up.


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