Milton Meetings Get Off to a Great Start

Information posted July 28, 2012











CARP Halton Chapter would like to thank everyone for their support at our inaugural meeting in Milton.

Approximately 55 CARP members were in attendance most of whom were at a Chapter meeting for the first time.

By show of hands there was strong support for meetings in Milton to continue. We are therefore delighted to confirm that beginning in September we will be holding monthly meetings in both Burlington and Milton. We are also extremely pleased that a core group of volunteers have stepped forward to make this a reality.

Milton meetings will be held in the Seniors Activity Centre, 500 Childs Drive, Milton on the second Wednesday of each month.  Burlington meetings will be held at the Burlington Seniors Centre, 2285 New Street, on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Speakers and presentations at both meetings will be identical. This will have the added benefit of not only making it easier for those living in the northern part of Halton to attend but by offering the same presentations in both locations on different days of the week members will have the option of attending either meeting should they have a date conflict.

Meetings will be announced both on this website and in our newsletters which are sent by email to all our members. So don’t forget to check this website regularly and make sure our newsletters don’t end up in your junk mail folder by adding [email protected] to your “safe senders” list.

The objective for our meetings is to bring in speakers to present information that is beneficial to the seniors demographic. Our Milton meeting was no exception and we were delighted to have presentations from Osteoporosis Canada who were also our sponsor and who were instrumental in helping us arrange this first meeting.

We were also pleased to welcome representatives from the Milton Orthotic & Wellness Centre to our meeting and to see so many people chat with them at their display table.

Following an opening address by Tom Carrothers, our Chapter Chairperson the featured presentations got under way as we welcomed Kate Harvey from Osteoporosis Canada.











Kate is an Educational Specialist with Osteoporosis Canada. This is a National non-profit organisation whose main goal is to make sure everyone has the most up to date information on bone health.

Backed by a Scientific Advisory Council you can be sure that the information available is not only the most current but is also scientifically proven.

Known as the “silent thief” because bone health deteriorates without any external symptoms osteoporosis is often not diagnosed until after a fracture. Bone density begins to decrease as we reach the mid-thirties and bone loss increases as we age.

Kate’s excellent presentation contained many suggestions on ways bone health can be improved and the importance of taking action before its too late.

To see the key facts that Kate presented please CLICK HERE You are aslo encouraged to browse this website as it contains a wealth of information on this important subject.

As seen in Kate’s presentation key factors that affect bone health are:

Genetics, Hormones, Nutrition and Physical Activity

While we can do nothing about our Genetic and Hormonal make-up we can do something about Nutrition and Physical Activity. Regular and moderate physical activity will greatly improve bone health.











To help us understand one of the easiest forms of physical activity and the huge benefits this can have we invited Dr Klaus Schwanbeck of Nordixx Canada to tell us all about Nordic Pole Walking.

Walking with Nordic Poles exercises over 90% of our bodily muscles. In comparison, regular walking or light jogging uses about 50%. The poles are used to help push the body forward and therefore bring all upper body muscles, which are not used in normal walking, into use. With exercise muscles get stronger. Exercise increases muscle resistance and this in turn increases bone density.












With the help of three volunteers Dr Schwanbeck demonstates the benefits of walking with Nordic Poles.

This is an exercise that anyone can do no matter your current fitness level.

For a complete description of walking with Nordic Poles and the many benefits of this exercise please CLICK HERE   to go to theNordixx Canada website

For years, health care professionals have stressed the benefits of walking for personal fitness and well-being. Nordic pole walking adds a unique dimension to walking. Pole walking is an example of weight bearing exercise. Weight bearing exercise has been shown to increase bone density.

The Nordixx specially designed poles provide a novel workout which:

  • May help you increase the intensity of your workout and walk at a faster pace which can burn more calories
  • Fun and easy way to socialize
  • Exercise improves energy and mood while reducing stress

In recognition of the enormous benefits of walking with Nordic Poles Osteoporosis Canada has teamed up with Nordixx to present “Nordic Walking in Wine Country.” You are invited to join them in this inaugural event which Osteporosis Canada plans to take National next year. This is a fundraising event which will not only raise money for Osteoporosis Canada but participants will also reap the rewards of improved fitness.











Tracie Napoli gave an enthusiastic presentation which provided details about this exciting event and the various levels of participation.

Whether you would simply like to get fit or would like to enter the event in Niagara on the Lake Halton Chapter has organised a Pole Walking group to help you get started. You can find all the details about this in the following article on this webpage.

As everyone in attendance would attest this was an exciting opening meeting packed full of interesting and beneficial information.

The meeting concluded with a door prize of $200 towards orthotic footwear presented by Angelo Posteraro of the Milton Orthotic and Wellness Centre, who also offered CARP members several other incentives. Please give them a call at 905-864-0555 or CLICK HERE  to go to there website. A second door prize of a set of Nordic Poles was presented by Nordixx Canada. As is also usual we held our 50/50 draw the winner receiving $77.

Yes we are off to a great start in Milton and with our volunteers and the enthusiasm of our members we have a strong foundation on which we can build.