CARP Home Care Poll Report


August 10, 2012: One quarter of members are, or know someone, in home care or long term care, and, among these, three quarters say benchmarks set previously by members, for assessment and admission, are not being met.

Members see about a month as a reasonable length of time to wait for an LTC bed, and few would move to get faster admission. One third expect to require extended care of some kind, mostly more than ten years from now. Most do not believe their provinces have adequate extended care resources for their needs now, nor do they think they will in the future.

Large majorities agree home care is an essential health service, that it should be paid for by the government and that the government is not treating the issue with the urgency it deserves. Three quarters agree the fact 70% of Canadians will require extended care constitutes a ‘crisis’.

The majority haven’t planned for extended care, don’t know how much it costs and don’t think they have enough information about it. Those who have planned for extended care rely on their savings or families. When told the costs for LTC, the majority says they cannot afford it.

Three quarters think Canada should invest in comprehensive, integrated extended care, and half want CARP to work with governments to make this happen.

All members think enforceable standards and benchmarks for home care are important, few think they exist, and, among those who do, few think they are being followed.

The Conservative Party has lost the pre-eminent position it traditionally enjoys among CARP members and, while still leading, is just ahead of the NDP.

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