CARP Health Care Poll Report

August 24, 2012: More efficiency in the system and management and prevention of chronic disease are seen to be the most effective avenues for reform of the health care system.

Membersʼ most common suggestion for controlling health care costs and improving care are having nurses and pharmacists take on more routine doctorsʼ services.

Best ideas for reform of the health care system and containing costs include:

  • Nurses/pharmacists to perform routine doctorsʼ services
  • More coordination between doctors, specialists, hospitals and labs
  • More med school training in preventative medicine and chronicdisease management
  • Emergency rooms at community clinics and vice versa
  • Bulk purchase of drugs

Virtually all members say it is urgent the government stop stalling and get on with bulk purchase of generic drugs

In reaction to the Premiersʼ Report on Health Care, members rank the main recommendations as follows:

  • Identifying best practices and applying them across the system
  • Bulk drug purchase by provinces
  • Chronic disease management standards
  • Provincial cooperation on doctor pay
  • Team practice

The Conservativesʼ traditional lead among our members has been cut substantially, and the NDP is in second place, ahead of the Liberals in member vote preference.

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