Chapter Community Meetings – September 2012

Article posted August 25, 2012



“95% of dieters will regain the lost pounds and many will put on extra weight”.

The theme for our September meetings in both Milton and Burlington will be: Manage your health, and weight for life!

Our Milton meeting will be held on Wednesday September 12th. Our Burlington meeting will be held on Tuesday September 25th.

Our speaker will be Mr. Paul McIntosh, the driving force behind the Lifeweight Weight Management Coaching practice.

Paul will describe what he has learned, after his 30 year struggle to manage his own weight. He will discuss the challenges facing Canadians, and conclude with the principles and practice of successful weight management coaching, that he has used.

Paul McIntosh is the driving force behind the Lifeweight Weight Management Coaching practice. Paul obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the University of Waterloo, and had a successful career in the business world for over three decades. Following this experience, Paul obtained his professional coach training at Toronto’s Adler Institute. At about the same time, Paul was finally able to address all of the extra weight which had crept on over his years of yo-yo dieting – all 60 pounds of it. It was only natural to combine his coach training and personal weight loss success into the Lifeweight Weight Management Coaching practice.

Paul’s presentation  will start with the story of his 30-year struggle with his weight, and how he successfully ended this struggle by losing 60 pounds over the course of a year.

Paul will share four fundamental weight management and healthy eating learnings he had during his journey.

He will then talk about the six big challenges all Canadians face today in the area of weight management. You will learn just why it can be so difficult to find the right solution to your own weight management situation.

Paul will conclude his presentation with a look at how the Lifeweight process works – both the principles and the actual practice of weight management coaching. For all those who might be dealing with a weight issue, or who know someone who is, this promises to be an informative and inspiring talk!

The details for these meetings will be include in our newsletter at the end of August and will also be posted on this website.